We’ve changed our name!

We are now Springbok LLC. Founded in 2001 as Synterein LLC, we tackle problems in finance, publishing and consumer applications using a cross-disciplinary approach. Springbok solves problems by extracting answers from unorganized data utilizing our strong data, analytical, and computational experience. We use a wide range of computing tools, both available software and our own tools. With our strong foundation in math and finance, we understand both the technical and theoretical aspects of problems. Information, visualized in clear and informative ways, is an integral part of our work process.

Springbok works on a diverse range of projects such as developing a real-time streaming satellite simulator or proposing and back-testing a domestic equity long-short strategy. Our projects require big picture problem solving and strong computing skills. We bring structure to large quantities of data, enabling discovery of actionable insights.

We realized that our old name, Synterein, did not effectively encompass our fast, flexible, agile way of working and feel that our new name Springbok captures that idea. Plus, we think Springbok is easier to spell and remember!

Areas of Expertise

Data Science

Before the term “Data Scientist” became commonplace, Springbok gathered, processed, and analyzed large data sets. We organized, computed, and analyzed data from sources such as earth orbiting satellites observations, S & P futures tick data, and social media streams.

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Research and Development

Springbok has technical, computing, and analytical expertise to do insightful research and development. Springbok works across a wide range of fields including defense, finance, and consumer products. Our goal is to understand your ideas and your data and transform them into insightful solutions.

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Technology Staffing

Springbok can staff your specialized technology positions. We understand the complex requirements of finding personnel who have the right computing, academic and communication skills.

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Quantitative Investment

Springbok provides analytic resources for investment managers. We use computing power to transform data, guided by current investment management concepts, into compelling solutions.

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